Indian Nationals arrested in US over fraud charges

Indian Nationals arrested in US over fraud charges

New York: Two Indian-origin men are among three individuals arrested for defrauding people by posing as federal agents and promising them immigration status in the US and duping the victims of USD 6 million under the scheme.

Hardev Panesar, 69 of California and Rafael Hastie, 47 of Mexico posed as officers of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and promised that they could obtain immigration status for people in exchange for exorbitant fees.

Gurdev Singh, 56 of California is also charged with assisting his conspirators in the fraudulent scheme. The three have been arrested and charged with 11 counts of conspiracy to commit wire fraud and false personation of an officer or employee of the US. The charges carry a total maximum penalty of about 50 years and a million dollars in fine.

According to a federal grand jury indictment, although Panesar and Hastie have never worked at DHS, since at least 2014 they falsely claimed to be DHS agents and stated they had the authority to obtain lawful immigration documents and legal status for individuals who lacked such status in the US.

Panesar and Hastie also falsely claimed they had the power to stop deportation proceedings.

The defendants defrauded victims out of approximately six million dollars from the scheme. Panesar, Hastie and Singh collected fees from victims under the guise that they would be able to provide immigration documents when in reality they had no authority to do so.