Afghan government partner urge international community to stop funding for government

Afghan government partner urge international community to stop funding for government

KABUL: Afghan media reported that Ismail Khan , a prominent member of Jamiat e Islami has called on the international community to stop raising funds for the Afghan government saying it has failed and unsuccessful to fix the weakening and deteriorating scenario in the country and other issues of national interest.

His statement comes just two days after acting foreign affairs minister Salahuddin Rabbani, who is also the leader of Jamiat e Islami party, said his party was calling for the rapid discharge of all heads of security institutions including Haneef Atmar  who is national security advisor of President Ashraf Ghani ,following a cord of noxious attacks in Kabul last wek that left over 150 people dead and hundred others were injured.

But apprehension between presidential palace and Jamiat have intensified after the presidential palace Jamiat’s call for Atmar to step down.

Khan claimed that the National Unity Government (NUG) under Ghani and CEO Abdullah Abdullah has failed and unsuccessful to find resolution to the issues facing the nation instead recommended  an early census to replace what he described an incompetent and unskilled system.

He said that it would be better for the international community to support the Afghan people rather than supporting an incompetent and unskilled government.

“ I expect that the international community stops supporting this incompetent , weakened and unskilled government of national unity and instead support the people of Afghanistan, this system has lost its reliability and consistency and it has lost the trust of the people , therefore it is better that the international community especially the US stands together with the people,” he sustained.

But Khan said “The exclusion of officials from their posts will not change anything and instead recommended holding early elections in the country.”

“I hope that we get purge of this situation either through elections or a Loya Jirga so that these doubts uncertainties come to an end,” added Khan.

He called on the government to promptly act upon the demands nominated by Jamiat, admonition that there would be fallout if government disobeys the party’s recommendations and demands.