Nawaz Sharif refused to eat Jail food: Report

Nawaz Sharif refused to eat Jail food: Report

LAHORE - Nawaz Sharif has refused to eat the jail food since Monday noon when he learnt that employees of the Sharif family had brought food for him but the jail authorities refused to deliver it.

Maryam said in her tweet that she would not only move the Lahore High Court but also wage a sit-in protest outside the jail if the ban on homemade food on Nawaz Sharif was not lifted within 24 hours.

She warned that her threat of sit-in must not be taken lightly since she was determined to do that if pressed. Shesaid her family had no trust in jail food for Nawaz and feared that it could be tainted.

The jail authorities said they feared that homemade food was causing bad effects on the health of Nawaz Sharif. They said he was a convict and could not be allowed luxuries not allowed under the law.