Gangster's mother campaign against Bilawal Bhutto in Karachi: Report

Gangster's mother campaign against Bilawal Bhutto in Karachi: Report

KARACHI : Mother of Uzair Jan Baloch, a Lyari gangster detained by security agencies, has decided to campaign for his son’s friend Habib Jan, who has decided to contest elections against Pakistan People’s Party Chairman, Bilawal Bhutto Zardari, it emerged on Monday.

Both Uzair and Habib had been associated with Pakistan People’s Party in past but when the Bilawal’s party disowned Uzair Jan due to his alleged involvement in terrorism men close to gangster fielded candidates.

“Mother of Uzair Jan Baloch will deliver important speech on Tuesday at 4pm in Sangolane area of Lyari,” Habib Jan Baloch told media, requesting women of Lyari to attend the corner meeting.

Habib Jan, a former Jiala of Pakistan People’s Party, who after developing differences with party formed his own Karachi City Alliance and Friends of Lyari International organizations, is contesting elections from national assembly seat NA-246-Lyari – a PPP stronghold from where Chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari is making his election debut.

“I am contesting for peaceful Lyari and against those who have corrupted the old Lyari town through violence,” Jan told The Frontier Post. “I am not against Bilawal Bhutto Zardari but he is completely in control of Asif Ali Zardari,” Jan said, adding he will contest elections but will withdraw if Bilawal comes out of the influence of Zardari.

Jan has made residence of Uzair Baloch – a gang leader who has been detained for his alleged involvement in terrorism and violence in Karachi – as his election office. Speaking to media person on the eve of opening of his election office, Jan told he has surrendered his British Nationality so that he may become candidate in general elections.

“When state fails the Characters like Rehman Dakaiit and Uzair Baloch emerges”, he said, adding he would apologize on behalf of Uzair Baloch, who might have made some mistakes. He also condemned the former lawmakers Shahjehan Baloch, Sania Naz and Javed Nagori for failing to fight the case of Uzair Baloch.

Baloch, a former head of the Lyari’s Peoples Peace Committee, was so powerful that Syed Qaim Ali Shah after being elected as Chief Minister in May 2013 along with PPP women wing chief Faryal Talpur paid a visit to Baloch’s residence for thanks while violating the norms where elected officials pay visit of the mausoleum of the founder of Pakistan, Quid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinah, recalls Saeed Sarbazi, a senior analyst and a host at the Balochi Vsh TV channel

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