China comes up strongly for ally Iran against US

China comes up strongly for ally Iran against US

BEIJING - While commenting on Foreign Minister’s meeting on Iranian nuclear issue in Vienna, China on Monday said it would by no means accept the unilateral sanctions which were groundless under the international law and it would resolutely safeguard its own legitimate rights on interests.

“Upholding and implementing the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) remains an arduous task. The Chinese side will continue with its efforts to uphold the outcome of multilateralism,” Chinese foreign ministry’s spokesperson Hua Chunying said during her regular briefing.

About the meeting, she said, this Foreign Ministers’ Meeting on the Iranian nuclear issue was the first foreign ministers’ meeting after the US withdrawal from the JCPOA. “Currently, the JCPOA is at a critical juncture about where to go. The convening of this meeting demonstrates all relevant parties’ support to the JCPOA,” she added.

The spokesperson said, the meeting issued the foreign ministers’ joint statement as its outcome, which sent out positive political signal. Hua Chunying said, the Iranian side continued to stay in the JCPOA and other parties show their clear-cut will to uphold the JCPOA, which represented the most important political outcome of this meeting.

“All relevant parties also agreed to take coordinated actions to straighten out the implementation mechanism of the JCPOA and advance the specific projects stipulated by the agreement,” she added. The spokesperson said the UK agreed to take over the co-chair of the joint working group on the redesigning and reconstruction of the Arak heavy-water reactor from the US. All relevant parties welcomed that and reached consensus on remaining united and jointly opposing the unilateral sanctions that violate the international rules.

She said, State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi attended the meeting, during which he had an in-depth exchange of views with the foreign ministers of the major relevant parties and promoted the conclusion of the joint statement. Confronted with the complex and grave situations, China put forth five propositions in a clear-cut manner.

“We emphasized in particular that the international rules should be followed and the major countries should have credibility and assume their due responsibilities. The unilateral sanctions should be abandoned because they are counterproductive. All relevant parties should stay committed to dialogue and negotiation and adopt a responsible attitude to discuss the issues of common concern,” she added.

The spokesperson said all relevant parties spoke highly of China’s responsible and constructive attitude, including its leading role in facilitating the steady progress of the project on the redesigning and reconstruction of the Arak heavy-water reactor. - APP

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