Pakistan seeks explanation from US over discrimination

Pakistan seeks explanation from US over discrimination

ISLAMABAD - Pakistan has asked the United States why India was not on Washington’s ‘special watch list on the issue of religious freedom’ despite unending bloodshed in held Kashmir and grave violation of minorities’ rights, diplomatic sources said.

Senior officials at the foreign ministry told The Nation that linkPakistan link had presented its case to the US link , challenging the ‘discriminatory’ watch linklist link .

“If someone has to be put on that list link , it is linkIndia link . They are the ones who have been killing the Kashmiris and butchering the minorities. We have urged the US link not to turn a blind eye to linkIndia link ,” said one official.

He added: “We have sent details on the bloodshed in Kashmir (to the US). This includes pictures, videos and stories. We (Pakistan) have been put on the watch linklist link just because we are not fulfilling the US link demands anymore.”

Another official said that Washington had told Islamabad the ‘watch list’ was not designed to target linkPakistan link . “This is not a pressure tactics. It only aims to improve the human rights,” he said quoting officials from Washington.

The official said linkPakistan link and the US linkhad “not lost contact” and efforts were on to improve the relationship.

Last month, the US link state department added linkPakistan link to a special watch link list linkon the issue of religious freedom. Earlier, the US link suspended security assistance to linkPakistan link targeting the Coalition Support Funds.

This week, Pakistan’s ambassador to the US link Aizaz Ahmed Chaudhry said the US link must acknowledge the steps linkPakistan link had taken for protection of human rights and rights of religious freedom. In a statement, he had said Islamabad was seeking a clarification from the US link on the watch link list link . “We have noted the announcement by the State Department about placement of linkPakistan link on a Special linkWatch link linkList link . linkPakistan link is seeking a clarification from the US link about its rationale and implications,” he added.

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