Pakistan, Iran agree on sustainable border security

Pakistan, Iran agree on sustainable border security

TEHRAN: Pakistan’s National Security Advisor Lieutenant General (r) Nasser Khan Janjua met Iran’s Supreme National Security Council Secretary Ali Shamkhani in Tehran on Monday.

During the meeting, Nasser Khan Janjua and Ali Shamkhani stressed the need for safeguarding sustainable security at the borders, joint actions in fighting narcotics transit, human and weapon trafficking between the two countries.

Speaking on the occasion, Nasser Khan Janjua said that Muslims need to be alert against foreign conspiracies designed to increase the fray between them.

He said that Pakistan will continue its economic and security cooperation with Iran.

Criticizing the US new national security strategy, Ali Shamkhani said the double-standard of the US against Muslim countries; he said his country will not let any country influence Tehran-Islamabad ties aversely.