I am not against Judiciary but against Judges who didn’t rule on merit against me: Nawaz Sharif

I am not against Judiciary but against Judges who didn’t rule on merit against me: Nawaz Sharif

ISLAMABAD: Former PM Nawaz Sharif said that while it was commendable that judges are visiting hospitals, they should also look into the numerous cases pending at their courts.

He was addressing on Tuesday a meeting with a group of lawyers led by Naseer Bhutta in the presence of Maryam Nawaz, Punjab Governor Rafique Rajwana and PML-N Chairperson Raja Zafarul Haq.

We need to start a movement of restoration for justice to make Pakistan a truly democratic state, he urged upon the lawyers. “It’s good that you’re visiting hospitals but you should also see what’s happening in your courts,” he said. “Numerous cases are pending and people are dying waiting for delayed justice.”

It was perhaps my face that the judges did not like after which they gave a verdict against him with no proof of any corruption against me, he said. According to him, corruption of even a single penny could not be proven against him.

He said that while he was held accountable for a period panning over since he began his class seven while Imran Khan, who has been declared Sadiq and Ameen, was held accountable for only five years. He added that Imran admitted to owning an offshore company. “And when they could find nothing against me, they made Iqama [foreign work permit] the reason of disqualification instead of Panama,” said Nawaz.

The former premier said he respects the courts and asks that they respect other institutions in return. “I am not against the judiciary,” he said. “I just have reservations with those judges who didn’t rule on merit.”

According to Nawaz, some judges welcomed every martial law. “We have to see what happened to people in 1971, when the country was broken up into two,” he said. “They were the same people who worked day and night with Quaid-e-Azam to create Pakistan. Even today such games are being played.”

He said that politics of revenge were being employed against him. But he remains undeterred, he added. “I’m not afraid of anything as I have seen a lot,” he said. “I was there when in a Karachi court, I was awarded 27 years of imprisonment. And we all saw how Musharraf tried his best to convert my imprisonment into a death sentence.”

He added that when he faced those times coupled with the exile, what is happening today is nothing for him.

“Firstly, the decision was unfair,” he said. “Then, there were the “Godfather” and “Sicilian Mafia” remarks.”