Daesh night letters across Afghan province; warning support against Taliban

Daesh night letters across Afghan province; warning support against Taliban

GHAZNI CITY: Daesh or so-called Islamic State (IS) group has circulated night letters in southern Ghazni province, threatening residents with death if they provided support to Taliban rivals.

The Qarabagh town chief, Saheb Khan, told Pajhwok Afghan News on Tuesday that Daesh fighters distributed the night letters on Monday night.

A copy of the night letter is available with Pajhwok Afghan News. In the beginning, the leaflet reads ‘Afghanistan <link> Daesh’ with a black flag on it.

The group has asked people not to provide any kind of cooperation to Taliban otherwise they would be killed in a mysterious way and their bodies thrown in front of their homes.

In another part of the letter, the militant group says “If a Taliban fighter kills a Daesh member, in return, five Taliban would be killed.”

However, the Qarabagh district chief said Daesh fighters were rarely seen in Khak-i-Afghan district of Zabul province and they didn’t exist in Ghazni. “As Khak-i-Afghan borders Ghazni, the IS fighters may have migrated to Qarabagh.”

The town chief said the issue had been shared with security organs in order to strengthen security measures.

A resident of the area, Noor Rahman, told Pajhwok: “Daesh has distributed the night letters in many areas, ordering people not to support Taliban and instead support them.”

He asked security officials to resolve the new emerging problem because people could neither confront Daesh nor Taliban.

Meanwhile, Ghazni provincial council member Abudl Bari Shilgari said they had also received reports about night leaflets from Daesh in Qarabagh. “IS militants are trying to change people’s minds and find a foothold in areas where Taliban are dominant.”

Maj. Gen. Shoor Gul, 303rd Thunder Military Corps Commander, in this regard said there were no Daesh in Ghazni.

He said a widespread operation would be conducted in all parts of Ghazni and all areas under insurgents’ control would be retaken.

On the other hand, Taliban’s spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid claimed the leaflets were not distributed by Daesh but by the National Directorate of Security (NDS <link>). “There are no Daesh in Ghazni and if it is found here, we would resist them and eliminate them.”

Qarabagh is one of insecure districts of Ghazni, where many parts are under Taliban’s control.