WhatsApp launches new feature for users across the World

WhatsApp launches new feature for users across the World

California: The instant messaging app "WhatsApp" has introduced a new feature that allow users to post audio messages on their statuses as well.

WhatsApp turned to Twitter and announced the update stating, “We've added some exciting new updates to the status feature”.

It added that tell it how it is, your way, with voice status. Now you can effortlessly record and share voice messages on your status.

It also shared a tutorial video that shows how this feature would work.

Apart from this, now WhatsApp users can also respond to another user's status through emojis.

It has introduced 8 emojis in this regard.

In another Tweet, the messaging app shared a tutorial video with the caption: “With new status reactions you can show your loved ones exactly how you feel with just a tap”.

Earlier, WhatsApp users could only post images and videos on their statuses. But it has introduced several new status-related features for its users.

More than one billion users of the world are using the social communication app 'WhatsApp', innovations are being brought in the app day by day to keep its users interested.

WhatsApp has also provided its users the option to choose who they want to show their status to, this feature has also been named 'Private Audience Selector'.

In this feature, the status for which the user selects his favorite people, they will be automatically selected for the next status as well. If he wants to create his favorite list afresh, he can change it before posting a new status.