Former PM Imran Khan lands in hot waters

Former PM Imran Khan lands in hot waters

ISLAMABAD – All eyes are on the Islamabad High Court, which is going to take up the petition seeking the disqualification of former prime minister Imran Khan for concealing his alleged daughter in the nomination papers.

Earlier this week, the court formed a three-member larger bench to hear the plea, which is led by IHC Chief Justice Aamer Farooq, Justice Mohsin Akhtar Kayani, and Justice Arbab Muhammad Tahir.

The petitioner maintained that the ousted premier submitted false information in his nomination papers for the last general elections which were held in 2018. Imran Khan has three children, and he mentioned only two in the papers and concealed the existence of his third child, Tyrian White.

Mohammad Sajid pleaded with the court to disqualify the populist leader under Article 62(i)(f) of the constitution.

The court lately decided to shift the case to the larger bench after objections were raised against the single-member bench. PTI chief also filed a plea to dismiss the disqualification petition against him, saying four judges had previously excused themselves from hearing the matter.

In the written reply, the PTI chairman failed to respond to allegations levelled in the petition, and raised an indirect objection to incumbent CJ hearing the case.

Khan maintained that he no longer holds a seat in the National Assembly, and pleaded that ‘the petition is not maintainable and is liable to be dismissed forthwith’.

For the unversed, Tyrian White is the purported daughter of ousted Pakistani premier Imran Khan with his ex-lover Sita White.