Police foil major terror bid in Punjab

Police foil major terror bid in Punjab

GUJRAT: Police on Friday arrested two suspected terrorists and recovered 175kg of explosives from them, averting a major terror bid in the city.

According to DSP Ramzan, police recovered the explosives from a car stopped at a picket in Lala Musa.

The explosives were being transported in sacks to Gujrat, police said.

Two suspects were arrested by the police and were shifted to an unknown place for further investigation.

In January, the counter-terrorism department (CTD) arrested two suspected Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) terrorists and recovered explosives from their possession from Faisalabad.

The CTD said the terrorists were nabbed while on their way on Satiana Road to carry out a terrorist attack at a sensitive installation in the city.

Three kilogrammes of explosives, two detonators and other equipment was recovered from their possession.