Indian Air Force Pilots are using pills to keep high alert level: Indian Media

NEW DELHI: Indian Air Force IAF Pilots are using tablets called ‘GoNo-Go’ pills to boost their alertness levels and cognitive powers.


These pills are strongly used by IAF fighter pilots to fight fatigue and sleep deprivation during round the clock combat exercises.


The pills were used after clinical trials and for specific missions during the recent military exercises conducted by the IAF.


“It was a 24x7 exercise to stimulate a war, which requires high adrenaline levels and the ability to push the envelope. The GoNo-Go pills are being used to optimize performance only after extensive clinical trials, both in simulators and actual flying, with all necessary safeguards,” said a senior IAF officer, a veteran fighter pilot. 


Indian Air Force has long been marred with poor mantainance and low readiness levels of its Air Force fleet along with high rate of fatal air crashes mainly due Pilot errors.


IAF is amongst the world's top Air Forces for poor surviceability standards of its Aircraft fleet and high attrition ratio.

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