Pakistani PM Imran Khan’s diplomatic outreach to US

Pakistani PM Imran Khan’s diplomatic outreach to US

ISLAMABAD – Prime Minister Imran Khan on Wednesday embraced the US President-elect Joe Biden’s declared aim to target dirty money.

In a post on Twitter, the premier wrote, “I welcome US President-elect Biden’s declared intent of a policy targeting dirty money.” The prime minister tweeted sharing a media report saying,

“Developing countries are being impoverished by their corrupt elites who launder money to richer countries and offshore tax havens.”

Joe Biden is expected to make a crackdown on illicit finance both at home in the United States, and abroad a centrepiece of his administration.

As per a report link published in US-based Foreign Policy magazine, US president-elect and his top advisors have made the fight against dirty money as top priorities.

Joe Biden said “I will lead efforts internationally to bring transparency to the global financial system, go after illicit tax havens, seize stolen assets, and make it more difficult for leaders who steal from their people to hide behind anonymous front companies,” Biden had said in his write-up in Foreign Affairs magazine.