Afghanistan asked to suspend all relations with US

Afghanistan asked to suspend all relations with US

KABUL - In a statement issued on Saturday, members of Afghan parliament asked the Kabul government to suspend all its relations with the  US following President Donald Trump’s decision on Jerusalem.

The lawmakers said Trump’s decision on Jerusalem is a move against peace. 

“In reaction to this anti-Islamic and anti-humanity decree, the diplomatic and trade ties should be suspended until the decision is canceled,” MP Abdul Qayyum Sajjadi said.

“The Islamic nations’ presidents and officials are slaves and you (MPs) should take a stance,” MP Abdul Sattar Khawasi said.

The MPs said recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel is against democratic values and that asked the government to stop all its ties with the US.

“This decision highlights the crisis at international level and it is an act of aggression,” said Abdul Rauf Ibrahimi, speaker of the Wolesi Jirga, the Lower House of Parliament. 

“I ask (Trump) to withdraw his signature and to never underestimate Muslims,” MP Lailuma Hakimi said. 

According to the MPs, the inability to make decisions and the lack of solidarity and cooperation between the Muslim nations, are the reasons that Trump was encouraged to make such decision. 

“If you think the powerful (countries) will be stopped by shouting, it will never happen,” MP Abdul Rauf Anami said. 

“America is a hypocrite, America is a bully, American is the big devil,” MP Mohammad Sarwar Osmani Farahi said. 

Trump on Thursday night announced that he officially recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. His decision was denounced by many of countries.