TPP makes entry into Sindh politics with impressive power show

TPP makes entry into Sindh politics with impressive power show

HYDERABAD: A new party has emerged on political landscape of Sindh, promising to bring change in the province.

Tabdeeli Pasand Party (TPP), made the entry with a large rally at the National Highway near Hyderabad, creating waves in the politics.

Chairman of the TPP is Ali Qazi, a journalist-turned politician. He has been spearheading a strong campaign against corruption, bad governance and other issues of Sindh for more than two decades.

"People of a same mentality, no matter they are in different parties, have been ruling Sindh for decades. Problems of common people are not in their priority or agenda,” said Qazi in his address.

Qazi urged his supporters to wisely use their vote.

The rally was attended by nearly 15,000 people, according to our correspondent.

“This is the party that is going to fulfill aspirations of every candidate,” a participant of the gathering told Samaa.

Another said: "If God willing, the rule of corruption will end.”

Qazi was born in political and media business family of Hyderabad.

He owns the most popular, hence the most powerful, media house of Sindhi language –Kawish and Kawish Television Network – besides two entertainment channels.

Qazi is a critic of feudalism factor in Sindh. He sees the ‘bhotaar culture’ (politics of patronage) as the main ill afflicting Sindh.

He seeks to replace the system with merit, good governance and transparency.

His party, duly registered with the Election Commission of Pakistan, is being seen as alternative of the PPP mainly due to lack of effective performance by the ruling clique.

Through his media empire, Qazi is likely to press PPP to pay heed to issues of people.

He is also likely to give a tough time to waderas, influential landlords, of Sindh, who according to him manipulate elections in their favour.

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