Sarfaraz takes a dig at Indian media over ‘Mauka Mauka’ episode

Sarfaraz takes a dig at Indian media over ‘Mauka Mauka’ episode

KARACHI: Pakistan cricket team captain Sarfaraz Ahmed reacted to Indian media's coverage of him singing Mauka Mauka after returning victorious to Pakistan following ICC Champions Trophy 2017. 

Sarfaraz was speaking to Shoaib Jutt in SAMAA TV's program Sports Action during which he reacted to Indian media criticising him for singing Mauka Mauka.

"The way they created sensation out of me singing Mauka Mauka was hilarious," he said. "I was tagged everywhere with that clip of the bulletin in which their anchors were slamming me for singing that song."

Sarfaraz said that he had sung the song at the behest of the hundreds of supporters who had gathered outside his home.

"You've been targeting us with this song for so many years--so what if I sung it only one time?" he said, referring to the Indian media.

Sarfaraz said that India's loss to Pakistan in the final of the ICC Champions Trophy 2017 would be remembered for a long time to come, considering how convincingly Pakistan won and India being favourites to lift the trophy.

Sarfaraz on Anushka Sharma and Virat Kohli

Sarfaraz said that Indian captain Virat Kohli and other Indian cricketers abused a lot on the field but if Pakistani cricketers do the same, they would be in trouble.

He said that he had never met Anushka Sharma in person or ever spoken to her.

"She must know who I am. But we have never met nor have I ever spoken to her," he said.

Ball tampering was deliberate: Sarfaraz

Sarfaraz said that the way Cameron Bancroft pulled out that sandpaper from his pocket and tampered the ball with it, there seemed no doubt that it was a deliberate act.

"They're not playing club cricket. Everyone knows there are 24 cameras installed there and everything is visible," he said.

Sarfaraz on working out

"I don't work out to build big biceps--I exercise only to increase my strength," he said. "I'm not a tall guy hence big biceps won't look good on me." APP/AFP

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