Prostitution goes high tech in India

Prostitution goes high tech in India

*NEW DELHI- *Transactions in India 's prostitution industry are now being carried out through smartphones and apps, a new study has claimed.

The study, conducted by the Kerala State Aids Control Society (KSACS) in association with a number of NGOs, has found that those engaged in the profession solicit business through WhatsApp and use the messaging app to coordinate their meeting places.

Speaking to news agency IANS, KSACS Project Director R Ramesh said, "We constantly engage in working among these people and give them regular medical check up for the prevention of sexually transmitted diseases."

According to group, a majority of the women in the industry come from poor families and make up the primary category. But there are others who are a part of this profession because of other reasons and make up for the second and third categories.

"The second category comprises of those who are part-time professionals and who engage in prostitution when they need money. The third category includes individuals who want to lead a luxurious lifestyle and the advent of technology is a huge advantage for all," Mr Ramesh said.