Anupam Kher to play Indian PM in biopic

Anupam Kher to play Indian PM in biopic

MUMBAI: Anupam Kher is to play former Indian prime minister Manmohan Singh in the upcoming biopic, The Accidental Prime Minister.

The first look of his character made the rounds on the internet.

In the 1990s, Pakistani filmmaker Jameel Dehlvi planned to make a film on Benazir Bhutto. Shabana Azmi was to play the role and Naseeruddin Shah to play Zulfikar Ali Bhutto. The project never materialized.

According to Deccan Chronicles, Vidya Balan was also offered the role of Benazir Bhutto in a biopic to be made in 2015. There has been no news on that ever since.

The biopics made on Jinnah and Gandhi were critically acclaimed. Jinnah was played by Christopher Lee and Gandhi played by the Oscar and Grammy winning actor Ben Kingsley.

The recently deceased Om Puri played Zia ul Haq in the film Charlie Wilson’s War starring Tom Hanks and Julia Roberts.

Manisha Koirala was to play Indira Gandhi in a biopic by Zee Film Studios 15 years ago.

The film never got made.

Actor Shaan Shahid expressed interest in making a film on Pervez Musharraf, wishing to play the role himself in the film. APP/AFP

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