Afghan CEO optimistic Turkey can reduce tensions between Pakistan Afghanistan

Afghan CEO optimistic Turkey can reduce tensions between Pakistan Afghanistan

KABUL - *Afghan Executive Office has expressed optimism over the Turkey-Afghanistan-Pakistan trilateral meeting and hopes the summit will reduce tensions between Kabul-Islamabad.*

“We hope that the trilateral meeting between the three countries can be a positive step in bringing peace and stability to Afghanistan and easing the peace talks with Taliban,” Omid Maisam, deputy spokesman of CE said.

During his recent visit to Kabul, the Turkish Prime Minister Binali Yildirim has said that Turkey strongly supports the Afghan government’s efforts for peace in the country, and called on the Taliban to take advantage of the opportunity and engage in comprehensive dialogue with the Afghan government.

Speaking at a joint press conference with CEO Abdullah Abdullah, Yildirim said Turkey has suggested a trilateral meeting of officials from Afghanistan , Pakistan and Turkey to discuss the peace process in Afghanistan.

Many also believe that Turkey can play a key role in Afghan peace process.

“Turkey as a powerful Islamic country has close ties with Pakistan and Afghanistan. It has an effective role in regional politics and can have its impacts on the Afghan peace process,” said Bashir Ahmad Tayenj, a Member of Parliament.

In the meantime, analysts stress on Turkey’s pressures over Pakistan to stop interfering in Afghanistan’s affairs and fight against terrorism.

“Without a doubt, Turkey is a regional power and has its impacts,” Nasratullah Haqpal, international relations added.

Turkey’s call for peace in Afghanistan comes as the Taliban still maintained its silence and has yet to formally respond to the peace offer.