Pakistan strongly reacts on issue of Afghan border clashes weapons use

Pakistan strongly reacts on issue of Afghan border clashes weapons use

Regarding the recent clashes along the Pak-Afghan border, the Foreign Office (FO) spokesperson expressed concern during a Friday statement. They emphasized the need for global attention on the weapons abandoned in Afghanistan during the US withdrawal, which have now ended up in the possession of Afghan terrorists.

During a weekly media briefing, spokesperson Mumtaz Zahra Baloch affirmed Pakistan's commitment to eliminating terrorism within its borders. She also mentioned that Pakistan has communicated its concerns about the recent border incident to the interim Afghan government.

Mumtaz further pointed out that Pakistan has raised the issue of terrorist attacks originating from Afghanistan with the Afghan authorities. She clarified that they are not assigning blame but stressed the importance of international attention to the weapons left behind in Afghanistan, now in the hands of terrorist groups

The Torkham border crossing between Pakistan and Afghanistan remained shut for the second consecutive day on Thursday following clashes between the security forces of both nations.

Yesterday, a firefight erupted between Pakistani and Afghan border forces, with each side accusing the other of initiating the conflict, resulting in the closure of their busiest trade crossing.

This closure has posed significant challenges for the local population, including the presence of two deceased Afghan citizens at the border and numerous patients awaiting the reopening of the gate. Citizens, including children and women, as well as patients, are currently stranded, and business activities have come to a standstill. As a consequence of the closure, long lines of hundreds of freight vehicles are stranded on both sides of the border.

Irshad Mohmand, a local administration official in Pakistan, stated on Wednesday that "Afghan forces attempted to establish a checkpoint in an area where it had been agreed that both sides would refrain from doing so."

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