Mohammad Rizwan breaks silence over Pak-India clash

Mohammad Rizwan breaks silence over Pak-India clash

The wicketkeeper of the Pakistan cricket team, Mohammad Rizwan, has said that the hard work to defeat India is in our hands, and we are putting in the effort. Speaking to the media in Colombo, Mohammad Rizwan said that while the weather is not in our hands, preparation makes a difference.

He mentioned that we are prepared and are trying harder, just as we want to defeat India, they also want to win. Pakistani wicketkeeper Rizwan further stated that hard work is required to defeat India, and they are putting in the effort, which is in our hands. He emphasized that he is not just talking about India and Pakistan but when they meet, they discuss performance.

Mohammad Rizwan also mentioned that their relationships are good, and the environment on the ground is different. Players like Fakhar Zaman have evolved, and 3 or 4 innings don't make a big difference. He said that there is no need to change openers; their fast bowlers play a significant role in becoming the world number one. Pakistani fast bowlers create difficulties for all teams. Mohammad Rizwan also said that the target against India was not easy, and it depends a lot on conditions.

He added that being called a legend like Better Javed Miandad is significant for him, and such things are essential for him to stay motivated and dynamic.

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