FIA makes a breakthrough development

FIA makes a breakthrough development

On Friday, the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) apprehended a notorious human smuggler who was considered one of the most sought-after criminals. Authorities stated that this individual had been engaged in the illicit transportation of people to Libya, including those unfortunate individuals who tragically perished in a shipwreck earlier this year.

The FIA's Gujrat division confirmed the arrest of the prime human trafficker, identified as Javed Hussain, who played a key role in the Libya boat incident, as reported by the anti-crime agency in an official statement.

This apprehended suspect, who had pending cases against him in Gujrat, was also prominently featured in the Red Book of Most Wanted Human Traffickers. Following the Greece boat accident, he had been evading law enforcement.

Javed Hussain was acting as the primary associate of another highly sought-after human trafficker, Hamza Sunyara, who operates out of Libya.

According to the FIA, the suspect had been operating an international human trafficking network based in Gujrat, specializing in the illegal transportation of innocent individuals from Libya to Europe.

This year, there have been two significant incidents involving boat tragedies off the Libyan coast in the Mediterranean Sea, resulting in the loss of several Pakistani lives. These unfortunate events occurred in February and April