US President Donald Trump announces date for complete withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan


US President Donald Trump on Wednesday has sought withdrawal of all US troops to return home from Afghanistan by Christmas.

According to the details, Just hours earlier, his national security adviser had announced that the number of US troops in Afghanistan would be reduced to 2,500 by early next year.

US President Donald Trump wrote on Twitter on Wednesday “We should have the small remaining number of our BRAVE Men and Women serving in Afghanistan home by Christmas!.”

President Trump’s announcement comes almost a month before the US presidential election, in which he seeks to show that he is living up to his promise to end “endless American wars.” However, it is not clear whether Trump tweeted an order or whether he was merely expressing his long-held desire.

Trump is running again in the presidential election. He has been pushing for an end to the longest-running war in Afghanistan, which is an important part of his foreign policy, even though thousands of US troops are currently stationed in Iraq, Syria and Afghanistan.