Instagram launching a new interesting feature for its users

Instagram launching a new interesting feature for its users

ISLAMABAD - Social Media site Instagram is launching a new interesting feature for its users.

Instagram testing a new feature that will allow you to share group stories with members of a group message thread. Earlier Facebook ditched this feature, but it seems like they are not totally giving up on it.

The information is revealed in a tweet by an app researcher Jane Mancun Wong,

link Jane Manchun Wong@wongmjane link link

Instagram is testing Group Story [image: View image on Twitter] link Twitter Ads info and pr link The Screenshots posted by Jane Mancun Wong indicate, once you click a photo from the stories camera option, it will let you post it as your story, visible to only close friends, and only for a group. It will also let you create a new group at the time of sharing and share your story there too. link

It would be very helpful for those who want to share specific memories with a specific group of people. When you would like to recap the adventure with a group of people, beyond those you have marked as Close Friends. It will be useful for you to share a picture with specific shared interests.

Facebook launched this feature on its application nine months ago but unfortunately shut it down last month. Apparently they see it more valuable on a photo-friendly platform.