Afghan soil used against its neighbour, admits Hamid Karzai

Afghan soil used against its neighbour, admits Hamid Karzai

KABUL: Former Afghan president Hamid Karzai has alleged that the US declined Kabul's requests to attack terrorist 'safe havens' in Pakistan.

Talking to BBC Pashto, Karzai said that his country requested "the US stationed commanders and ISAF chief in Kabul in several meetings" to "attack those safe havens in FATA and Pakistan." The US, however, rejected the request owing to the fact that they consider Pakistan a "close ally in the war on terror."

Karzai emphasized that there is a need for a home-grown policy that doesn't harm the interests of neighbours. "The Afghan soil should not be used against any of our neighbours in the regions, and it should not happen, he said.

The former Afghan leader warned that the "new US policy will pave way for fresh and prolong conflicts in the war-ravaged country Afghanistan and the new strategy will deprive Afghans of their dreams of peace and stability".

Earlier, talking to Russia Today, Karzai said that both Afghanistan and Pakistan have to live together but Pakistan supported Mujahideen against Soviets which weakened his country. 

He added that he hopes the new US policy for the region considers that Pakistan was used by the US against its neighbour for an inhumane purpose. He said they want to join hands with Pakistan to "salvage us from this deep conspiracy".

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