US embassy security official arrested in Islamabad

US embassy security official arrested in Islamabad

ISLAMABAD: In yet another diplomatic thaw that erupted between Pakistan and US after the unfortunate accident in Islamabad, new developments have been made today.

The security official of US Defence and Air Attache Colonel Joseph Emanuel Hall was arrested on Tuesday on the orders of AIG Islamabad.

The security official, Taimur, has been arrested for obstructing a police official from performing his duty, a source said.

Colonel Joseph’s security official was arrested during inquiry on the orders of AIG Islamabad, the source added.

Arrest orders have also been given for all other officials involved in helping Colonel Joseph flee from the police station, the source further said.

The vehicle of Colonel Joseph, a defence attaché at the US embassy in Islamabad, ran a red light and rammed into a motorcycle in the federal capital on April 7, killing one man, Ateeq Baig, on the spot and injuring another. The diplomat was let go by police after registration of a case.

On April 20, the government decided to not place the name of Colonel Joseph on the Exit Control List.

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