PTA comes up with new technology to block smuggled, stolen phones in Pakistan

PTA comes up with new technology to block smuggled, stolen phones in Pakistan

ISLAMABAD: The Pakistan Telecommunication Authority is set to launch the mobile Devices Identification Registration and Blocking Regulations System (DIRBS) on Thursday.

The DIRBS system would allow PTA to block blocked and stolen phones in use across Pakistan which would include ones with duplicate or non-standard identifiers.

The launch ceremony for DIRBS is set to be held on Thursday where PTA will also celebrate the milestone of 50 million broadband users reached recently across Pakistan.

With the advent of 3G/4G data services in April 2014, smartphone penetration/adoption has surged resulting in inundation of smartphones, tablets and other devices in Pakistan. International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI) number of the phone will be used to identify with other identifiers to find out non-compliant devices.

Once the DIRBS system gets activated by PTA and the database starts adding stolen, smuggled and counterfeit devices IMEI’s, this would render the devices useless and would be unable to connect to local mobile networks.

All those reported stolen and smuggled handsets would become blacklisted in PTA’s database which would render the devices useless. Not only would this curb imports of mobile devices via illegal channels but also give the users reassurances that the phones they are using are approved by PTA .

Thriving black-market of stolen and smuggled smartphones is the target of DIRBS and would result in rising revenues and taxes for the government.