China has an advice for Pakistan and India

China has an advice for Pakistan and India

BEIJING - China on Friday called on India and Pakistan to move on from the crisis triggered by the Pulwama terror attack link .

Beijing urged both to work towards a “long-term improvement” in bilateral ties through dialogue.

The suggestion, made by foreign minister Wang Yi at his annual news conference on the sidelines of the ongoing session of China’ Parliament, the National People’s Congress (NPC), came against the backdrop of persisting tensions between New Delhi and Islamabad.

“We advise both parties to quickly turn the page and seek a fundamental long-term improvement in their relations,” Wang said, adding China was hopeful that the two countries would “transform the crisis into an opportunity and meet each other halfway”.

He added, “When confrontation gives way to dialogue and disagreements are settled by goodwill, they can create a better future through cooperation.”

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