A big diplomatic victory for Pakistan against India

A big diplomatic victory for Pakistan against India

LAHORE - In a big diplomatic victory for Pakistan, as many as 28 British members tabled an 'early day motion (EDM)' in the British parliament against Indian aggression.

Governor Punjab Chaudhry Muhammad Sarwar's efforts to win diplomatic support from the British parlimaentarians on Pak-India stand-off bore fruit.

Governor Muhammad Sarwar, in a statement on Thursday, said the British parliamentarians supported Pakistan's principle stance to bring an end to the stand-off between the two neighbouring nuclear powers for durable peace in the region, adding that they lauded Prime Minister Imran Khan's peace intiative as well.

Sarwar said the parliamentarians lauded the government's good-will gesture to release the captured Indian pilot Abhnandan Varthama, claiming Pakistan had succeeded on the diplomatic front in making the world realize that Pakistan supported peace.

He said the British parliament members had always raised voice for the resolution of Kashmir issue and other matters in the region, adding that it was a good omen that the British members had tabled EMD on the issue.

The EMD had been tabled by the members from all major British political parties, including Labour, Democratic Unionist, Scottish National, Liberal Democrat, and Conservative, which was duly signed by Ruth Cadbury, Rashid Faisal, Yasin Mohammad, khaild Mahmood, Jim Shannon, Dr David Drew, Chris Stephens, Mr Dennis Skinner, Tonnia Antionazzi and Gill Farnis.

The motion read: "Nuclear war between two nuclear powers, India and Pakistan, will be disastrous for the whole region and it is necessary to solve the Kashmir issue through bilateral and multilateral dialogue.

It said the tensions between the two atomic powers could be detrimental to the regional peace."

Earlier, on Sunday last, Punjab Governor Muhammad Sarwar wrote letters to the parliamentarians in the British and European Parliaments to play their role in de-escalating the confrontation between Pakistan and India.

He also urged them to bring India to the table in order to avert any untoward situation.