Donald Trump impeachment talks begin in US

Donald Trump impeachment talks begin in US

A Harvard University professor has claimed that US President Donald Trump could face impeachment if he lied when he claimed former president Barack Obama had ordered surveillance of his phones during the 2016 presidential campaign.

Law professor Lawrence Tribe expressed these remarks in response to George Washington University Law School professor Jonathan Turley’s opinion in which he claimed that the US president could not be impeached for making false claims about Obama because the comments were made on Twitter.

“There’s no penalty to the president for bad tweets,” Turley said on MSNBC’s Morning Joe broadcast on Tuesday. “[Twitter] postdated the [US Constitution’s] impeachment clause. So, there’s no impeachment for bad tweets.”

However, Tribe disagreed by arguing that using the power of the White House to falsely accuse a predecessor of an impeachable felony qualifies as an impeachable offence, “whether via tweet or not”.