County wide protests by lawyers against PTI government

County wide protests by lawyers against PTI government

ISLAMABAD – The lawyers association has announced country wide protest on June 14 against the reference filed against the judges of top courts.

Lawyer’s leader said the purpose of this protest is to strengthen the judiciary.

The vice chairman of Pakistan Bar Council Amjad Shah while talking to media said no notice was served to judges under section 176, adding that this is a weak reference.

He said the PM’s advisers should speak wisely while talking to media. He said the protest would be against government and reference filed against honorable judges.

He said the reference does not come under the ambit of misconduct and Supreme Judicial Council. He demanded government must retract this reference.

He said the lawyers would record their protest on June 14 peacefully. He said the rulers must not adopt the thinking of kings, adding that the protest is against the filing of wrong reference.