Fashion Show in Saudi Arabia: Models replaced with drones

JEDDAH – Saudi Arabia has always set an example when it comes to following the Shariah, however this time Saudi has sent people into fits of laughter by their new idea that has never been seen before. There was a fashion show organized in Jeddah that had unnamed drones that flew clothes to give the effect of an ongoing ramp walk. The difference was that there were no models, in fact there were just clothes hanging from the drones!

Nabil Akbar, one of the organizers of the Fashion House event feels proud that the show was the first of this kind in a Persian Gulf nation. He said that it “is suitable for the month of Ramadan”. It took two weeks to prepare for the final event. “Everything involved innovation,” he added.

The event took place over a long weekend at the Hilton in Jeddah.

We can see a crowd taking interest in the clothes despite the different idea it promoted. In a country which is often criticized for restricting women, this is a new record.