Pakistan HC in India Abdul Basit embarrassed by Indian Government

Pakistan HC in India Abdul Basit embarrassed by Indian Government

ISLAMABAD: Pakistani High Commissioner in India Abdul Basit has been stopped to attend a diplomatic ceremony that was organized by United Nations in Nagpur.

As per details, Pakistani HC was invited as chief guest in the ceremony but he was stopped to participate in the ceremony by organizers of the ceremony when he arrived at the venue.

Sources said that Abdul Basit’s invitation card was cancelled due to some unknown political reasons and pressure while Basit was barred at the entrance point of the hall upon his arrival.

Pakistani officials claimed that it is the fourth time when High Commissioner Abdul Basit invitation was cancelled as he had also been stopped to participate in a ceremony at Noida.


In its hate for Pakistan, India has even forgotten the diplomatic norms and culture and it leaves no stone unturned to embarrass Pakistani diplomats.


This is not the first time that India has fallen below the diplomatic norms and has embarrassed Pakistani highest level diplomat in India.


On one hand India claim to keep good relations with its neighbours and on the other hand it degrades the High Commissioner of the neighboring country which clearly depicts the hypocrisy of the Indian Government.