Malabar Drills: India-US-Japan hold anti- China naval drills in Pacific


TOKYO: India , Japan and US to hold trilateral naval drills starting from Friday in Western Pacific .


The drills named Malabar are annually held between US and India since 2007 and Japan is included permanently since last year.


The drills include anti-submarine warfare and air defense training  that will last till June 17.


Hyuga helicopter carrier, P-3C and P-1 patrol planes, and US-2 rescue aircrafts will take part from Japan side.


While India will send its four warships consisting of guided missile stealth frigates INS Satpura and Sahyadri: INS Shakti, and US will send its 7th Fleet in the drills.


Earlier, Japan was excluded from the Malabar Drills in 2007 after a strong objection from China.


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