Khawaja Asif insults PTI Shireen Mazari in NA

Khawaja Asif insults PTI Shireen Mazari in NA

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Tahreek-e-Insaf staged protest against Defense Minsiter Khawaja Asif over his unparliamentarily remarks against PTI lawmaker Shireen Mazari in which he called him “tractor trolley” during National Assembly proceeding.

As per details, National Assembly session was held under the chairmanship of Speaker Ayaz Sadiq here at today. Lower house was being briefed by Khawaja Asif over the electricity situation in country but house got ruckus when Khawaja Asif insulted Shireen Mazari for raising her voice during his speech.

Opposition staged protest over the obnoxious remarks of Khawja Asif and forced NA Speaker Ayaz Sadiq to expunge those words from the proceeding. Opposition lawmakers stood on their seats and chanted slogans against Minister but Ayaz Sadiq said that he would not expunge those words until opposition members sit on their seats.

Later, Shireen Mazari condemned remarks of Khawaja Asif and termed it as an insult to women. Shireen Mazari also said in her tweet message that if Khawaja Asif had any “Sharm of Haya” he would know how to deal with women but he was “besharam and behaya”.