Salman Khan in hot waters yet again

Salman Khan in hot waters yet again

MUMBAI - Bollywood megastar Salman Khan is in hot waters once again after he was found violating environmental laws over illegal construction at his farmhouse in Panvel, near Mumbai. <link#_>

The Maharashtra Forest Department issued the notice to the Bollywood star’s father Salim Khan and five of his family members on June 9th.

The notice was served on a complaint of a person who also owns property in the adjoining areas of Panvel.

The notice stated that the Khan family owned Arpita Farms in Wajapur area which had been termed an eco-sensitive region since 2003, confining constructions on the precinct as well.

"An offence was registered on November 21, 2017 on account of violation of the Forest Act for carrying out cement/concrete construction at your Arpita farms," read the notice.

Salim Khan on the other hand, upon being contacted by media affirmed that all lawful measures were carried out before the farmhouse was constructed on the land.

"All my structures have been regularised and the necessary fees were also paid. There is no illegal construction," stated Salim.

"Investigations showed that the farmhouse belongs to the entire family of Salman Khan , Alvira Khan, Arbaaz Khan, Arpita Khan, Helen Khan and Sohail Khan. So, (you need to explain) why your family should not be believed to be collectively involved in carrying out unauthorized construction and violation of forest laws," the notice further read.