Pakistan, US working towards restoration of ties: Ambassador Ali Jahangir

Pakistan, US working towards restoration of ties: Ambassador Ali Jahangir

ISLAMABAD: The newly-appointed Ambassador of Pakistan to the United States (US) Ali Jahangir Siddiqui said that both Pakistan and US are aware of the issues surrounding bilateral ties.

Speaking to Geo News while attending the Association of Physicians of Pakistani-descent of North America (APPNA) in Dallas, the Pakistani envoy said the two countries are working towards the restoration of their bilateral relationship.

While at the conference, the Pakistani ambassador appreciated the social work the Pakistan doctors were doing.

Last month, while speaking at an event welcoming the Pakistani envoy, Siddiqui had said Pakistan is well on its way to its revival and reemergence.

Siddiqui had said, "everyone needs to participate in Pakistan’s revival and reemergence and we are our well on our way towards it".

He added, there was no denying that the country had challenges.

“I am not denying we have challenges, but many countries have challenges,” he said.

He added it would be difficult to find a country that is not facing one.

Siddiqui urged the Pakistani community to step forward and rather than talking about the negativity, to participate alongside him and also hold him accountable, and work with him in order to get Pakistan back to where it once was.

Siddiqui was named the ambassador on May 8 after Aizaz Ahmed Chaudhry, his predecessor, stepped down from the position. The new envoy reached Washington, DC on May 29 and assumed his new role of ambassadorship on May 30.