Ayaz Memom Motiwala from Karachi stuns all with his campaign style

Ayaz Memom Motiwala from Karachi stuns all with his campaign style

KARACHI - Seems like Ayaz Memom Motiwala, the politician from Karachi, is leaving no stone unturned to make sure that he gets everyone’s attention. Previously, he had taken the Pakistani Netizens by surprise after lying down on sewage water and asking for votes. This time, attempting to up his game (we assume) he decided to pose in front of not just open potholes but garbage dumps as well. ADVERTISEMENT

Yet again, he took to Facebook to share his photoshoot with the people. While it is not unusual for politicians to try different methods and techniques to ask for votes, this politician, however, seems to have found a unique way of doing so. For those of you who have missed out on the previous story, Motiwala is an independent candidate who hails from the constituency of NA-243 in Karachi. Check out more of his pictures here: <link>

The main motive behind Motiwala’s photoshoots is to convince people in his area that he understands the problems they are facing –the improper and faulty sewage system– more than the opposition. He started his campaign by sitting on a dharna in the dirty sewage water and posting the pictures online. His Facebook page is filled with several photographs of the locality that show the various hygiene problems the people in the area are facing.

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