G20 Summit: 197 police officers hit in worst protests

G20 Summit: 197 police officers hit in worst protests

The G-20 summit will conclude in German city of Hamburg on Saturday.

During the two days summit, twenty heads of state discussed climate change, migration, terrorism and other major issues.

Meanwhile, protesters torched cars and lorries and smashed windows in banks, looted retail stores and hurled paving slabs and other objects.

According to police, it has gained the upper hand to control the protests. 

At least one hundred ninety seven police officers were injured after two days of clashes in the city whereas dozens of protesting people were also arrested.

Meanwhile, the US President Donald Trump and his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin held their first meeting on the side-lines of the G20 summit .

During the meeting, they discussed the alleged Russian interference in last year's US presidential election.

The US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson told reporters that President Trump had positive chemistry with Russian President Putin during the meeting, which lasted some two hours and 15 minutes.

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