4320 MW Dasu Dam will increase life of Tarbela dam by 40 years additionally

 4320 MW Dasu Dam will increase life of Tarbela dam by 40 years additionally

ABBOTTABAD:Project Director Dasu Hydropower Project (DHPP), Javed Akhtar has said 4320MW electricity would be produced from this mega project which would be completed in two phases in five years.
The project would help address problem of load shedding and will provide inexpensive electricity to consumers after completion, he said while talking to media here today.

He further said that that DHPP would be completed in two phases and civil work on first phase has been commenced from June 2017. In the first phase six power generation units would be installed with the capacity of 2160 MW (12 billion units per annum), Akhtar maintained.

Giving the details of civil work and installation of the machinery, the PD said in the first phase dam and spill ways would be constructed while only machinery would be installed in second phase. The project was commenced in June 2017 and the whole project would be culminated by June, 2023 in five years PD said, he said.

Replying to a question Javed Akhtar stated that every hydel project recovers its cost from the production within five to seven years, cost of the Dasu Hydro Power Project Phase I according to PC-I was 400081 million rupees while the PC I for second phase is yet to plan.
PD Dasu hydro power project said it is a run up river project where the lake of the dam only stores water for energy production and then releases it in the river, the Dasu dam reservoir would not be used for irrigation.

Talking about the other benefits of Dasu power project Javed Akhtar said that it would also increase the life of Tarbaila dam up to 40 years as it would stop the mud and sand which usually flows with the river Indus and decreases the height of the Tarbaila dam after deposit in the lake. The dam would also regulate the Indus river water which would improve the power generation capacity of the Tarbaila dam, he disclosed.

Project Director said existing shortfall of the electricity in the country is between 5 to 7000 MW while after the completion of the Dasu dam it would provide huge support to lessen the deficit.
Replying to a question he said population alongside the Dasu dam and lake is very low as only 6000 families are residing those would not be displaced whereas according to Dasu re-settlement plan the affected families will be shifted from 1000 meter to 1300 meter high from sea level in the same areas, the new Karakorum Highway (KKH) would also be constructed at the altitude of 1000 meter above sea level.

PD disclosed that 62 kilometer KKH would also be damaged by the Dasu Dam reservoir which would be constructed at the left bank of the river and on right side no road is available so we have also started a 12 kilometer road and two other parts including 42 KM and then 27 KM would also be commenced step by step.

Javed Akhatar maintained that people of the Dasu have yielded many positive effects as the construction of Dasu Dam kicked off, natives of the area including their social uplifting the owners are earning handsome amount from their rented buildings those were hired by the contractors, Wapda and other officials and under construction road network.

The dam also provided vast employment opportunity to the locals and supported more than 862 people at various positions which would be also increase in thousands as the project expands in coming years, He said.
He maintained that backward flow of the lake would be 70 kilometers, the total area of the reservoir would be 24 square kilometer and the depth of the dam would be 230 meters.

Talking about the partnership with world bank in the project he said that the ratio of WB share in the financing of overall project is 16.9 percent whereas Wapda has arranged the 144 billion rupees by the local banks consortium.
PD said that we have also got the loan of 350 million USD from Swiss credit agency and remaining 110 million would be availed soon against the WB partial guarantee of 460 Million USD.

The two contract of civil work were awarded to a Chinese firm Chinese Gazoba Group of Companies (CGGC) for carrying out main civil works in the first stage of the Dasu hydro power project.APP