Huawei launches Mate 9 black version in Pakistan

Huawei launches Mate 9 black version in Pakistan

KARACHI: (APP) Huawei, mobile and other communication products manufacturing company, has launched an exquisitely designed 'Black' version of its flagship device, the Matte 9, in Pakistan.

The discerning consumers in search of an ultra-powerful device with a sleek design which reflects their personalities will truly be overwhelmed by its inspirational appearance, said a press release here on Wednesday.

The Matte Black version 's design looks amazing in any light. The glare-effect is a result of countless nano-ink 'lenses' on its 5.9 full HD display inch screen, with a special Machine Learning Algorithm.

It understands the users behavior with patterns and preferences, whereby increasing the speed and responsiveness with the passage of time and Camera, created by Leica - the world's most sophisticated camera producer.

It is powered by a battery that lasts up to two days, on-the-go. It is also enriched with a super-fast-charge technology, allowing users to multi-task for the whole day after only 20 minutes of charging.

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