Pakistan warns US over Jerusalem move

Pakistan warns US over Jerusalem move

ISLAMABAD -  Pakistan has told the United States that the controversial recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital by Washington could spoil its relations with the whole Muslim world, diplomatic sources said.

Pakistan had contacted the US on the Jerusalem issue and warned that this decision could fuel global tension.

“We have been trying to improve ties and the Jerusalem issue can play a spoiler. We have told them the Jerusalem decision by the US was unacceptable to all the Muslims. We (Pakistan) will never accept this decision,” he said.

Another official at the ministry said that Pakistan was contacting the Islamic countries to build pressure on the US. He said with the help of the Muslim-majority countries, Pakistan will raise the issue at the international forums.

“There have been contacts with Palestine, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Turkey and other (Muslim-majority) countries. We will contest Washington’s controversial decision at all forums. The US has become a party by siding with Israel,” said the official.

He added: “Saudi Arabia, Iran and Turkey shared Pakistan’s concern and were ready to challenge Washington’s unilateral decision. We will raise this issue in the United Nations.”