Israeli forces play havoc upon protesting Palestinians

Israeli forces play havoc upon protesting Palestinians

In Palestine, clashes have erupted in the occupied West Bank when Israeli forces used brute force over Palestinians protesting against the US declaration of Jerusalem as Israel's capital.    

Troops fired tear gas and wounded several Palestinians. Tensions are high in the West Bank and Jerusalem amid calls for protests from Palestinian leaders. Earlier, Israel government deployed hundreds of extra police in Jerusalem's Old City and sent additional battalions to West Bank.

Meanwhile, Palestinians are observing Day of Rage today against US President's decision to recognize occupied Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.  Rallies and protests are being taken out in Israeli-controlled checkpoints in the West Bank and Gaza after Juma Prayers.

On the other hand, western allies of the US have also disavowed the move declaring Jerusalem as Israel's capital.

In Indonesia and Malaysia, several thousand protesters rallied today to condemn the U.S. decision to recognise Jerusalem as Israel's capital. The protesters shouted anti-US slogans and burned an effigy of President Trump, gathered in front of the American embassy in Kaula Lumpur.

In Jakarta, demonstrators mostly clad in white rallied outside the U.S. embassy. They waved Palestinian flags and raised slogans in support of Palestinian.