PIA plane crash that left no survivor

PIA plane crash that left no survivor

Sadly, Pakistan had met a heart wrenching incident last evening when a domestic flight PK 661 coming to Islamabad from Chitral crashed in hilly area near Havelian, Abbottabad. It was a small ATR plane with 48 people on board including a well know religious scholar Junaid Jamshed, his wife, Deputy Commissioner chitral and few foreigners. All the passengers and crew members died in this tragic incident. There are several opinions regarding the cause behind this crash but nothing would be clear until revelation of truth by black box which has been found from the crash site.


Pakistan has a strong history of private and public airplane crashes. Back in 2010 an airplane crashed at Margalla hills islamabad, killed all 157 on board. Fokker planes after several crash incidents were grounded in 2006 when all 41 on board were killed in plane crash. Fokker was then replaced with ATR, a type of which met an accident last evening. We have heard about the crash landings of airplanes many times but it doesn't mean that luck will work everytime, the ultimate thing to do is to improve the aviation system including state of the airplanes, expert pilots and skillful staff. It's already losing the trust of national and international passengers on Pakistani airlines.


It's a matter of deep concern for the responsible authorities to take stern actions after the revelation of truth that what was the reason behind and If the plane was not fit enough to fly than why it had been granted permission to fly? Many more such questions are arising in minds. But will they be answered or remain unaddressed like many others. The condition of Pakistani airplanes is very poor and many of them needs to be replaced with new ones. The question is when these measures will be taken?


I expect concerned authorities to conduct transparent inquiry of this incident and bring truth to the people.


Author: Dr. Nabeel Alvi