Archaeological survey of FATA; thirty thousand years old relics discovered  

Archaeological survey of FATA; thirty thousand years old relics discovered  

PESHAWAR: (APP) Department of Archaeology Khyber Pakhtunkhwa has completed first ever archaeological survey in FATA discovering thirty thousand years old relics besides identifying 110 ancient sites.

Talking to media, Political Agent Khyber, Khalid Mehmood here Thursday said that survey also revealed eight sites of significant Buddhist importance. He said that discoveries have been made by archaeological department with the help of Political Administration and Pak Army.

He said that archaeological survey was completed in tehsil Jamrud of Khyber Agency within a period of 75 days that resulted in discovery of thirty thousand years old 110 ancient sites. He told that a variety of relics including images and paintings carved on stones were found in the sites. He also told that remnant of mosques, forts, gallows, tunnels and other buildings of Ameer Taimur period were also discovered from the sites during excavation.

Political Agent Khyber told that surveys were also conducted in these areas during British rule but they failed to achieve any success. Though deep excavation has not been conducted but we discovered sites with the evidence having historic value of thirty thousand years.

He said it is a major achievement that would help boosting economic and tourism activities in tribal areas. He said that efforts are underway to establish archaeology department in FATA Secretariat.

Dr. Abus Samad said that in past, militancy hindered our efforts to conduct archaeological survey in FATA. He said that it is our utmost desire to excavate more sites in FATA with the help of political administration for identifying Budhist relics besides establishing museums in these areas.