PTI, PPP and JI Karachi Mayor aspirants lose their home constituencies in LBE 2015

KARACHI: The district presidents of PTI, JI and PPP had to face defeat in their home constituencies in LBE 2015. According to initial results, Ali Zaidi, Najmi Alam and Hafiz Naeem ul Reham have lost their home constituencies. As per details, MQM has won over 100 seats in LBE in Karachi. Hafiz Naeem was defeated by MQM candidate Mazhar Kaka from UC 18, Ali Zaidi was defeated by MQM candidate Noshad Khan in UC 16 while PPP candidate Najmi Alam has lost his seat against JI and PTI joint candidate Habib Mamon in UC 30. It was a big up set in Karachi LBE because they were considered strong candidate in their constituencies and they were also district presidents of their Parties. On the other hand, MQM leader Wasim Akhtar also won his seat. He is also expected candidate from MQM for Mayor of Karachi.