Pakistan gives yet another deadly blow to India

Pakistan gives yet another deadly blow to India

*ISLAMABAD: **Pakistan gives yet another deadly blow to India over transit trade with Afghanistan.*

*Pakistan has ruled out possibility of linking access to Afghanistan via Wagah border for transportation of Indian goods, arguing the transit trade is not trilateral issue in anyway.*

“We have asked Afghanistan for not linking trade access through Wagah border and they agreed to it because the transit trade was bilateral issue and it was not trilateral thing to bring any other into it,” Prime Minister’s Adviser to Commerce Abdul Razak Dawood said while addressing a news conference here on Wednesday.

He also said he asked Prime Minister Imran Khan for stopping investigations of NAB against top businessmen, saying it was not good thing and there is need to stop it.

When asked it was done last time under Musharraf regime under chairmanship of then NAB chief Gen (retd) Amjad and now again by NAB, the Adviser to PM said he does not want to say anything more on this issue.

On abolishing of zero rating regime for five export oriented sectors through withdrawal of SRO 1125 in the budget for 2019-20, he said he wanted to make it crystal clear that the government would not back out from registration of taxpayers.