Imran Khan hints at name of CM Punjab candidate

Imran Khan hints at name of CM Punjab candidate

ISLAMABAD - PTI Chairman Imran Khan has said today that PTI's nominee for chief minister Punjab will be a "corruption-free" candidate.

“The nominee will have a clean image with not a single corruption charge against him," the PTI chief said while addressing the Punjab parliamentary meeting.

His hint leaves the name of atleast Aleem Khan out of the race for the top slot.

"You all must support this nominee," he stressed, adding that his decision will be made on the basis of merit and nation's benefit.

Speaking about the General Election 2018, Imran congratulated his party members on winning a “tough election.” Everyone knows that the real battle was fought in Punjab, he remarked.

However, he pointed out that the party needs to work on improving its system of allotting tickets.

Before the elections, many party members had protested outside Imran’s house in Bani Gala over the ‘discriminatory’ ticket allotting system.