How Nawaz Sharif reacted to the question of Army-Judiciary against him

How Nawaz Sharif reacted to the question of Army-Judiciary against him

Ousted Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif on Tuesday insisted that his removal from office did not mean his future in politics was over, as he plans to go ahead with a rally this week and fight a legal battle to reverse his disqualification.

“I don’t want reinstatement for myself. I am struggling to ensure the rule of law in Pakistan,” he said in a meeting with a selected group of journalists in Islamabad.

Sharif said his legal experts will soon file a review petition against the July 28 Supreme Court (SC) order that ousted him from power for concealing assets — specifically, that his son’s Dubai-based company listed a monthly salary for him. Sharif has repeatedly said he never received any of that money.

He said that he was determined to travel the following day to his powerbase, the eastern city of Lahore, despite a deadly bombing there Monday which killed one person and wounded 30 others.

“I am going to my home. Do I not have a right to go to my home?” asked Sharif.

According to Malik Mohammad, a spokesman in Punjab where Lahore is the provincial capital, security arrangements for Sharif’s rally have finalized.

Ahmed said police were still investigating who was behind the Monday bombing.

Sharif said he wanted to start a debate, in parliament and public, to discuss why no elected prime minister has complete their full term in Pakistan, which has been ruled by army generals for more than half of its 70-year history.

When asked whether the army had influenced the judiciary against him, Sharif said “let’s leave this question for later.”